Inspiration: Art

All My Pistachios

by OKAT 8

All My Pistachios | Doodlers Anonymous

I just had so much fun looking through the sketchbook of Andres Guzman. His doodles are on crack and I mean that in the best possible way. The drawings are lucid and the color smears of yellow and red have me hungry for more. Follow his tumblr for more disturbing goodness.


  1. i love it, this is the kind of stuff i think of in my head when i draw... just doesnt come out as developed and focused as this, Fantastic

  2. Thanks for posting those.

  3. incredible work

  4. Pure dopeness!

  5. Man is not a bird...Men are as trees walking

  6. I love how you build up all of your layers, especially in the third one down with the circles. What materials do you typically use?

  7. its beautiful:)

  8. too dope

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