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Chalking it Up

by Hugo Seijas 5

Chalking it Up | Doodlers Anonymous

We are enamored by Dana Tanamachi's 19th-century inspired chalk letter walls. If you've ever been sent to detention (Bart Simpson I'm looking at you), you'd know how difficult it is to work with chalk.

Take a peak for more photos and a time-lapse video of Dana at work.

Time-lapse video: Garden & Gun


  1. Wow, I love this. I didn't know chalk could be so beautiful. All I ever knew of chalk and chalkboards was writing sentences over and over again. Thank you for redeeming the chalk board!

  2. Type like this makes me want to cry with happiness.

  3. this is so cool! love it

  4. this is so cool! love it

  5. Now I want a chalkboard int he studio. Beautiful, gotta love someone that prides themselves on craft.

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