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Ominous Characters

by Hugo Seijas 4

Ominous Characters | Doodlers Anonymous

Sometimes you stumble upon work that's so mesmerizing it's difficult to explain. Benjamin Edmiston's pieces are that kind of work. And as I struggled to find the correct adjectives to describe them, I succumbed to the eloquent way as to which the artist did so himself.

Bejamin explains: "My compositions feature unusual or fantastical settings inhabited by ominous characters depicted in a flat and decorative style. My bold, and often symmetrical, drawings offer a plane of floating heads, half-skinned snakes, and bodiless arms. Building a personal vocabulary with such imagery recalls for me the tension of an early, crude Mickey Mouse cartoon, or a misplaced folk sculpture standing eerily on a dusty shelf. The creation of a familiar but askew world — the sensation of the unheimlich is what fuels my work."


  1. love his stuff

  2. amazing!!xoxooxoo

  3. Brrrr. These are a bit disturbing, aren't they? I really like the first one, but I'm not sure this style appeals to me.

  4. my favourite ever!

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