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Three Brothers

by Hugo Seijas 4

Three Brothers | Doodlers Anonymous

Cartoon Characters is a collaboration by three Dutton brothers: Mike Dutton (the artist), Henry Dutton (the music creator) and lastly, David Dutton (who master-minded the whole project).

David explains that he started off the project by raiding "all of [Mike's] sketchbooks; getting scans or shooting the more awkward pages" with his Canon 7D camera and that's the great thing about this video, you can see the personality and ever-changing tone in Mike's sketchbook as it gracefully animates frame by frame.


  1. What a strange, eclectic mix of doodles! the music fit perfectly. Very cool!

  2. I feel sorry for the sketchbook and the characters in it. They were digitally manipulated, chopped, expanded, and taken out of their pages. They're beautiful as it is.

  3. All I'm saying is if these characters were made to be animated in the first place then that's cool. But looks like it wasn't. Anyway, good job.


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