Inspiration: Art

Totally Axonometric

by Hugo Seijas 11

Totally Axonometric | Doodlers Anonymous

Julien Barberousse found a way to draw us into his axonometric world by creating fantastical landscapes. The architecture and lines of color are breathtaking over the graph paper of his journal. He's collected the drawings into three zines, simply titled I, II, and III. It's nice to see the progression of his orthographic projections through each issue, so be sure to give them a look.


  1. i love this

  2. very very


  4. LOVE! :D

  5. want.

  6. gorgeous!

  7. Wow, these are cool. I love the pixel-art-like isometric perspective.

  8. lovely

  9. Very cool.

  10. owwwww this is awesome!

  11. Hey Julien, do you have any more of those 'zines that you have shown in the picture? I'm keen on purchasing one...or trading you something of my own for it. Hit me up!

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