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Instagram Likes, Pt. 1

by OKAT 4

Instagram Likes, Pt. 1 | Doodlers Anonymous

I am a big fan of Instagram, the iPhone app that let's you quickly share photos with your friends and followers. I've been using it for more than a few months now, but only just realized its true potential: the discovery of other artists and their work. The perk I like best about Instagram is that quite often the photos are taken of projects while in process, so you'll get to see sketches, doodles, and things that you'd normally never stumble upon.

I'm going to try and make this a consistent series on DA, where I post the photos of artists and images I've liked on the app. You can friend me by searching "doodlers".

Above photo by @katebingburt

Photo by jrolfe

Photo by lisacongdon

Photo by vaughnfender

Photo by monglo

Photo by dielamaharanie

Photo by v8berry

Photo by pabloientile

Photo by doodlers

Note: Right now Instagram is only available on the iPhone, although rumor has it they are aggressively developing an Android version.


  1. I love instagram. :)

  2. Brilliant idea! I look foreword to seeing more of these compilation posts. I need to get instagram...

  3. Instagram is so fun! I use it on a daily basis and I couldn't do otherwise...

  4. i just went through the list and followed everyone i like : ) thanks for the list!

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