Inspiration: Art


by Hugo Seijas 8

Blackout | Doodlers Anonymous

You can't really tell, but the art you see in these images is actually drawn on post-it notes. That's because illustrator Kristen Leonard is not afraid to go all out with ink, covering every possible centimeter of her post-it note.

The end result is some of the most tenebrous art you're likely to see on a 3"x3" piece of paper.


  1. hey, this is awesome! what kind of pen/ink did you use?

  2. The octopus and the ship are my favorites

  3. I love these! The detail, the detail! Awesome, meticulous work. I would go crazy if I tried this. Well done!

  4. Fabulous

  5. the last one is my favorite :D

  6. Kraken! LOVE it.

  7. How do I upload my art on here? My email is [email protected] help please

  8. Dude, you are killer. keep up the sweet stuff.

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