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Member Spotlight: Jess Worby

by OKAT 4

Member Spotlight: Jess Worby | Doodlers Anonymous

I love when drawings interweave, have depth and overlap all over eachother. It's like layers upon layers of scribbles that equal one incredible visual story. My gut tells me that more often than not, this end result is not planned, it just happens as a consequence to sketching in a sketchbook.

This is the work of Jess Worby, a recent member of DA that I just happened upon when browsing through some of the new member profiles. His work is exactly what I describe above, take a look for yourself and definitely welcome him to the site.


  1. this is so cool.. are some of these "blind contour drawings"? i love doing those :)

  2. Nice sketchy feel to it, I love this kind of style. Somehow this reminds me of dholl.

  3. Wow, cool! Really unique style. I love all of the faces, etc incorporated into each drawing. There's really a lot to look at!

  4. Really cool

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