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LED Is The New Sharpie

by OKAT 8

LED Is The New Sharpie | Doodlers Anonymous

Three years into Doodlers Anonymous and I was feeling pretty confident that we covered almost every type of doodle and drawing medium. Then I stumbled upon the work of Darren Pearson (aka Darius Twin) and was floored with the skill in which he drew things with light (specifically LEDs).

I know it's been around for a few years now, going mainstream with the 2007 Sprint Commercial, but I still find it completely fascinating and the control in which Darren brings these drawings to life is almost magical. Click here for some of my favorites from his flickr feed and at the bottom you'll find a short video tutorial by Darren himself.

Found via Geekologie.


  1. woah, thats way cool! its great to find new ways of creating simple art, that still looks nice.

  2. I absolutely luuuuuurve this!!! I adore photography, and this seems like the most beautiful way of tying doodling and photography together

  3. This is just to cool. Love it.

  4. i wanna try this now..somehow!

  5. that dinosaur ones are awesome!

  6. i only have a camera i made out of cardboard and wood chips. so the shutter is too fast :))

  7. yes i agree

  8. These are absolutely incredible! The intricacy and the detail is amazing. What an innovator!

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