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Over 40 Hand-Drawn Birthday Cards

by OKAT 11

Over 40 Hand-Drawn Birthday Cards | Doodlers Anonymous

In early September we asked you to join us in celebrating three years of DA by submitting a hand-drawn birthday card, the cherry on top being the ginormous giveaway of awesome prizes that was to be awarded to the submission that stood out among all the rest.

When the submissions came rolling in we were absolutely humbled by the amount of kind words and love the community had for Doodlers Anonymous. I speak for all of us here at DA when I tell you that we appreciate every single one of you for your participation and constant support through the years.

We received forty-something drawings and it was tough to pick just one. We loved them all, but when Julia Smelansky's submission (the styrofoam-dimensional doodle above) came through our email we all just instantly smiled. Big congrats to Julia from Israel for the win, it's well deserved. In regards to the runner-ups, we were supposed to pick just two, but were stuck of course, so we picked three. Congrats to Michelle Chung, Muxxi, and Tati Abaurre for drawing up such cleverness in your cards, with humor and relevance to DA.

This wasn't a competition, this was meant to be fun and to give us an opportunity to hand out some cool things from talented artists and brands that have become our friends over the years. We hope to make 10 times the friends in the coming years and we'll do our best to keep this going for as long as you keep coming back. Special thanks to Blik, Thumbtack Press, Kate Bingaman Burt, Bianca Green, Chris Piascik, Sandra Dieckmann and Anorak Magazine for the wonderful prizes.


by Muxxi

Adrian Paulsen

by Adrian Paulsen

Angeline Yang

by Angeline Yang

CM Carter

by CM Carter


by AmyO

Benjamin Campana

by Benjamin Campana

Ben Ramsey

Ben Ramsey

by Ben Ramsey

Boris Melgarejo

by Boris Melgarejo

Cyndi Cantrell

by Cyndi Cantrell

by Ella Chandler

Hanna Lee

by Hanna Lee

Heather Johnston

by Heather Johnston

Heidi Deguzman

by Heidi Deguzman

Helena Maratheftis

by Helena Maratheftis

Jaimie Lee

by Jaimie Lee

James Hipkiss

by James Hipkiss


by jennyandme


by Jul

Julie M Elman

by Julie M Elman

Katie Wall

by Katie Wall

Kendall Wright

by Kendall Wright

Kristie Guerrero

by Kristie Guerrero

Kyle Coughlin

by Kyle Coughlin

Laurianne Houtman

by Laurianne Houtman

Lord Vincent Konrad

Lord Vincent Konrad

by Lord Vincent Konrad

Mariery Young

by Mariery Young

Maris Kaskmann

by Maris Kaskmann

Megan Wells

by Megan Wells

Michelle Chung

Michelle Chung

by Michelle Chung

Quisteen Lee

by Quisteen Lee

Robyn Boyd

by Robyn Boyd

Sara Evans

by Sara Evans

Sofia Palma

by Sofia Palma


by Sumedha


by Tanoshiikoto

Tati Abaurre

by Tati Abaurre

Terri Plemons

by Terri Plemons

Timothy Daniel Flynn

by Timothy Daniel Flynn

Torrell Arnold

by Torrell Arnold

Viviana Garnica Corredor

by Viviana Garnica Corredor


by wolfboog


  1. Congratulations! Julia :D and to the runner-ups Michelle, Muxxi and Tati :) More power to Doodler's Anonymous!

  2. Congrats doodle peeps, that winner card it's absolutely rad!

  3. Congratulations Julia Smelansky for your awesome card!!! And Michelle Chung, Muxxi, and Tati Abaurre great work!!!

  4. julia! that bday card is amazing!

  5. wowza! these are ALL amazing!!!

  6. Congratulations for everyone for the awesome cards! I had so much fun drawing the cake card and I'm so glad you guys like it :))

  7. Wow! Awesome job everybody! :D Congrats Julia!

  8. Thanks everyone! We should all keep on going, creating awesome stuff...

  9. Well done everyone!! They are all soo awesome!:D

  10. What a great collection of doodle love!

  11. Fantastic doodles! Love them all.

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