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Almost Chaotic

by Hugo Seijas 10

Almost Chaotic | Doodlers Anonymous

Each page of Zsolt Vidak's sketchbook feels like an explosion of color perfectly accented by bold and interwoven strokes. His lines make faces, expressions, letters, animals and gestures that culminate into vivid and psychedelic scenes.

And I must say, the above sketch of the 1950's Chevy-looking car (with the sobbing headlights) has been engrained into my memory since I've discovered it. KABOOM!

Surrounded by Color

Surrounded by Color

Surrounded by Color

Surrounded by Color

Surrounded by Color


  1. woohoo!!! colors are really eye-candy :D

  2. cool and he is hungarian just like me.

  3. Great stuff.

  4. Wicked!! And by the way when will we find out the results of who won the doodlers anonymous birthday card comp??xxx

  5. I once owned a car like that.... love it!

  6. indeed cool stuff

  7. This dude rocks. Crazy ass drawing is brilliant.

  8. These are cool, I wonder what materials he uses exactly.

  9. That's pretty insane. A little psychologically disturbing, but beautiful.

  10. I love these pages! What materials are you using? I love how much the color pops off of the colored background. The line quality is amazing!

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