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A Drawn Prayer

by OKAT 16

A Drawn Prayer | Doodlers Anonymous

This is not to be missed: A full scale carpet drawn completely by hand using a simple black Bic pen.

Over the course of 15 months, Jonathan Bréchignac painstakingly detailed inch by inch of this prayer carpet. He explored different patterns and drew inspiration from all types of art (French roman, traditional Japanese, native American, Mexican) and also military camouflage and animal patterns, to create an almost seamless mix of different civilizations and religions.

Johan Jeanson explains, "Despite working on it for hundreds of hours Jonathan has still only been able to use up one pen and is now working on emptying a second one."

We admire your endurance Jonathan, and wish you the power to keep pushing the series forward. Amazing.


  1. wowzas!!!

  2. fantastic and painful in the same time :P Great job

  3. This is so, so amazingly beautiful that I can't even put it into words. Bravo!

  4. that's cool! :D

  5. Wow that is gorgeous! But, but ... doesnt ballpoint pen fade fairly quickly? I hope not! That piece deserves to be around for a long time

  6. love it love it :)

  7. So sick! Very detail work, then you look at it from afar and its just bangin. Keep it up

  8. That is insane! a good way.

  9. WOW

  10. Awesome!

  11. i love all kinds of this type hand draw.

  12. respect!

  13. wow~~!!

  14. Superb stuff!

  15. *Hands down* Whoooaaa!!!

  16. ... ah a prayer carpet ... so does this mean that you were in a state of prayer while working on this carpet? I like the Bic - haven't tried the yellow ones - always look for ballpoints that will give a variety of line - this one seems to do it - I might try a prayer carpet myself...

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