Inspiration: Art

Girls, Girls, Girls.

by Jamie Tao 12

Girls, Girls, Girls. | Doodlers Anonymous

God knows I love a beautiful drawing. And the addition of watercolor gets me every time. The simple lines of graphite mixed with that unexpected, gentle but bold splash of color - it's flawless.

Check out Natalia Sanabria's amazing handiwork.


  1. Amazing and beautiful art!

  2. love. this.

  3. fantastic and delish works

  4. dai suki!

  5. A-MAZING!

  6. well done.

  7. love it!!!!!

  8. what brand of watercolors do you use? my idol (in art) is kime buzzelli and i would love to paint like her!

  9. Gorgeous work! Love the addition of bold pops of color!

  10. subtle but colorfully engaging... great style!


  12. Awesome!

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