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Member Spotlight: Zoe Chantal

by OKAT 12

Member Spotlight: Zoe Chantal | Doodlers Anonymous

I haven't listened to Ladykillers by LUSH in over a decade, but as soon as I laid eyes on the women of Zoe Chantal the song immediately came to mind.

Graphite, gauche, watercolor, acrylic, pen, stencils, etchings; it seems her ladies are drawn with every possible medium and each with more drama and intensity than the next.

Zoe, we're glad you've joined DA. Your ladies are always welcome here.


  1. beautiful

  2. i absolutely love the first one...the dark-haired woman's lips are incredibly perfect!

  3. incredible pictures! I love it

  4. lusciously lovely

  5. Beautiful art. The women appear to be in pain. Reminds me of trauma art. Beauty from an internal place of hurt.

  6. very intriguing.

  7. Beautiful work! I love how you mix all the mediums together. Amazing!

  8. this is so cool. i love all the mediums :D

  9. this is so cool. i love all the mediums :D

  10. awesome!

  11. Lovely.

  12. Nice

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