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Everyone Has A Story To Tell

by Jamie Tao 8

Everyone Has A Story To Tell | Doodlers Anonymous

After living in Vienna (counting 1.7 million people) for more than 10 years, A-FACE-A-DAY decided that it is time to present the beauty of Viennese and Austrian human beings to the world. I'm not sure if the captions of each person is real or imagined up by the illustrator himself, but they all tell an interesting story. It makes me want to know more about each and every one of these people. Check out the website to get acquainted with everyone.


  1. LOL, I love these!! xo

  2. Vienna! My city! LOOOOOVE IT!!!

  3. So great! Everyone has a story to tell :)

  4. these are wonderful. great mix of drawing & hand lettering

  5. Amazing work!

  6. Goddamn excellent stuff.

  7. I love your lines, the simplicity yet intensity of your work! Love it!

  8. i love this! :D

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