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Winning Drawings

by Jamie Tao 15

Winning Drawings | Doodlers Anonymous

A few weeks ago, we did a giveaway where I asked you guys to submit a quote that speaks of who you are. I picked two winners and drew them incorporating their quotes. Without further ado, I would like you to meet two friends of DA, Josh LaFayette and Ellie (aka comfits). Josh's "favorite hobby is breakfast." And Ellie is "like an octopus on roller skates."

Take a look at the process, from the initial pencil drawing to pen to watercolor and collage.

Josh and Ellie, check your mailboxes soon. I think I may now know your faces better than you do. :)

E-mail me at jamieetao{at}gmail{dot}com if you'd like a portrait of your own.


  1. Love the process, love the outcome. You make it look so easy.

  2. Hey-O! They look awesome, Jamie! Love seeing the process.

  3. These are totally amazing!

  4. wowzas!!! i freaking love it!!! you even added my super fabulous moles & noticed one of my eyes opens bigger than the other (i secretly love that)! absolutely brilliant! can't wait to receive it...but wait, how'd you get my address, sneaky pete?

  5. Hahahha. No sneaky Petes here. I need you to send me your address. Via e-mail, of course. :D So glad you like it. I had fun drawing you guys!

  6. Both are really cool. My favorite detail, the octopus leg on her hair...

  7. So so so so cool

  8. not that anything other looks remotely bad, but the watercolour part is amazing. just love the puddles of colour :)

  9. octopus one is my favorite

  10. Great artwork over here, love your latest posts. It reminds me of this: Drawings Paintings Prints I'm trying to learn how to draw, I really need to find more blogs like yours and this, can you suggest me some more? Will certainly come back!

  11. Just wonderful!

  12. I love the overall effect, and the graph paper detail over his eyes is perfect! love your style!

  13. Yeah I find it cool. More from this

  14. So cool!!

  15. Wonderful...

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