Inspiration: Videos


by Sretan Bor 7

Dwellings | Doodlers Anonymous

I was planning on doing a post about someone else today, but then I found this amazing little film by Aaron Wendel on Vimeo. Immediately I forgot what I was planning to write today and just drowned in this beautiful animation. Now, as soon as I finish this post, I'm going back on Aaron's profile to watch the rest of his work. See you there!


  1. Such a great movie for a Friday. Aaron did a great job with the sound effects and reversing the order of the story. Beautiful.

  2. That was just so gorgeous to watch!

  3. excellent!

  4. It's even better the 2nd time you watch it. Beautiful montage.

  5. Wow, I really enjoyed that! I also really like how you don't get the full story until the very end. Well done!

  6. makes me sit on my butt and not stopping with the drawing until something like this is finished :)

  7. Truly unique. It is very clever how the sound is utilized with the imagery. Wow!

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