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In the Warm Shadow of Nature

by Sretan Bor 6

In the Warm Shadow of Nature | Doodlers Anonymous

Gentle drawings by Cendrine Rovini take me back to the woods that I frequently visited when I was little.

Again I can sense the same essence of warm plants and trees that surrounded me back then. I like to imagine that Cendrine's sheets of paper have that same aroma. It's like her drawings manage to soak in to the paper and make it smell so natural that you can feel they are back with nature again.


  1. i love this. this amazing, and it's also so mysterious, i think that is what i like most about it.

  2. Cendrine never cease to amaze me...

  3. It was a real pleasure writing about her work... also, that is why it took me so long :)

  4. So pure, so nice.. love it!

  5. These are beautiful!

  6. I love the drawings of Cendrine Rovini!

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