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by Jamie Tao 7

Sketch Diaries | Doodlers Anonymous

We've been featuring the inside of some good sketchbooks lately. If it gets us excited, we go with it.

Jordan Kay doesn't draw per page. She draws spreads. And in each of these spreads, she plays with shape, color, type, chicken scratch, what have you. What I like most is seeing the stroke of her marker in each object that she draws. So much personality in a tiny book.


  1. Love the chair!

  2. loving the first really confused on where the seam of the book was as obvious as it is.

  3. Love the coke and slippers. Also love the way you draw people... o.k. it's ALL really good! So fun to look at :)

  4. I also love that chair. Nice stuff.

  5. that's brilliant! One of the most creative sketchbooks I've ever seen. Such a diversity of ideas!

  6. these are all great, love that second one!

  7. love -- fun stuff!

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