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Member Spotlight: Murray Somerville

by OKAT 4

Member Spotlight: Murray Somerville | Doodlers Anonymous

His drawings are not cute, they're not even friendly. They are ugly, damn ugly, and yet I love every single one of them.

Murray Somerville makes ugly beautiful.

He's drawn for zines, comics, posters, t-shirts, exhibitions, windows, walls and plenty more. If you like exploding melon heads, ugly teeth, monstrous hands, and creatures with multiple eyes, then you should definitely follow all of his nonsense and weird imaginings over at his website or blog. It will kinda creep you out, but that's a good thing.


  1. Amazing!!!

  2. Love Murray's work :)

  3. Who would have thought that toe-nail eating would be so colorful?

  4. These are so funny and cool in a shocking way

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