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The Future is Drawn

by Hugo Seijas 13

The Future is Drawn | Doodlers Anonymous

Lee Sankey, may I be blunt? Your science fiction sketches are freaking bad ass. The countless lines that fill every bit of the page. Vehicles that defy gravity and our common sense. Dystopian cities ruled by a merciless ruler. Gadgets that ignite our senses. Stories told behind dizzyingly-tall buildings…

This is all making my brain spasm, and to think you doodled these while on the phone as a call centre agent is simply mind boggling.


  1. What a doodle!

  2. Sweet Work!!!!

  3. Beautiful! I wish I could create such details

  4. o-my-gosh! these are incredible!...and while on the phone! i'm extremely impressed!

  5. whoooooooaaaaaaah

  6. Wow and wow again! Thanks so much for picking up on these and for the all great comments much appreciated. I did these 17 years ago when working in a call centre to fund my music. As a kid I used to draw all the time (and I mean all the time) so it became 2nd nature. I also studied car design which involved a ton of sketching 'from the mind'. Like all doodlers, I hate being bored and would keep drawing to keep my mind sharp which actually helped my phone calls. It was super tough to make your 82nd call as good as your 1st. Doodling helped. I think I read somewhere how doodling actually helps the brain? Anyway, thanks again for the blog post and touching comments. Lee

  7. I like your substle use of color, Lee. A dab of red here, a smidge of pink there, all against a startling black and grey background. Lovely, if foreboding, view of the future!

  8. Awesome! You should do storyboards for sci fi movies!

  9. @lee Do you have any more of your sketchbooks that you can share with us? @sl Yeah that was one of my favorite things about the sketches.

  10. @SL Vitale, thanks I think that was just because of the pens I was using to take notes at the same time :-) @Sarah Kaake - would have love'd to, but then again I'm no Syd Mead etc @Hugo - there's a few more of my drawings on my Flickr channel Here: But I didn't go onto create any more sketchbooks quite like these. I was working in the call centre to fund my other passion, which is this :-)

  11. Spectacular!

  12. Mr. Lee, I do believe you come from the future.

  13. Reminds me of Syd Mead these pieces do...\r\nNice stuff!

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