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Ridiculous Skill

by OKAT 17

Ridiculous Skill | Doodlers Anonymous

I know sketchbooks, I obsess over them. And every once in a while I run into one that deserves its insides to be printed, framed and put in front of your eyes. Every single spread in José Azevado's sketchbook is colored and drawn with such intensity, it's as if his markers and pens are on steroids, two Red Bulls, and one delicious Cherry Starburst for good measure.


  1. Absolutely amazing and inspiring!

  2. I love this entry. But I also love your words.


  4. The combination of lines and colors were excellent!. Very nice curves and subjects. Doodle art in here is at its best.

  5. So brilliant! Pure joy.

  6. Incredible work!

  7. crazy skills dude...awesome.

  8. good stuff, goooooood stuff!

  9. Love this!

  10. Post It / Forget It - funny. So is the tippy toe orange.

  11. love it!!! Great use of color!

  12. love!

  13. Really amazing!

  14. this is a great example of using the double-page spread to your advantage. love it!

  15. Wow amazing! I love sketchbooks too!

  16. Another inspiration...

  17. Wow what an imagination.

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