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Giveaway: A Hand-Drawn Portrait of You by Jamie Tao

by Jamie Tao 76

Giveaway: A Hand-Drawn Portrait of You by Jamie Tao | Doodlers Anonymous

That's Okat. You may know him as the founder of Doodlers Anonymous. His dark disheveled hair, crazy full beard, distinct eyes and nose - I love capturing it on paper. Like he said, "It's like looking in a mirror, but better."

A face says so much. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved drawing them. My most recent project has been to combine my two favorite things - face and type - to portray a person and the essence of who they are.

This is where the cool part comes in. I'm doing a giveaway. I want to draw you.

For the chance to win a 9"x12" signed, hand-drawn portrait of you, all you have to do is leave a comment below with a quote or phrase that best describes your personality. We'll pick one winner based on the quotes submitted. (This quote/phrase will be incorporated into your portrait.The winner will also have to send us a photo of themselves.)

The winner(s) have been chosen!

With over 70 comments, it was difficult to choose just one winner, so instead I chose two. Good on you. :) Congrats to Josh LaFayette ("My favorite hobby is breakfast.") and Ellie Kneeland (" an octopus on roller skates"). Please send over a close-up photo of you so I can see all the details of your wonderful faces.

Thanks for everyone's participation. What a fun way to get to know our members!

And keep on the lookout! We're making these hand-drawn portraits available for purchase in our shop very soon, so you can order your very own.


  1. At some point in my life, I swallowed a Sun. And now it dawns and sets in my belly.

  2. My favorite hobby is breakfast.

  3. I'm quite creative but it doesn't really count as i'm a lazy cow.

  4. When I grow up I want to be Nick Cave

  5. You never let me do anything...

  6. "Me cago en mierda"

  7. I bet you I can.

  8. "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side"

  9. ןI'm PINK and no one will ever take it from me!

  10. I am basic.

  11. loves people, books, cats and sneezes like a guy

  12. I have a turtle named NIGHTWOLF!

  13. don't panic!

  14. Without music, life would be a mistake. - Friedrich Nietzsche

  15. I like flavor with my crackers

  16. "de médico, poeta y loco, todos tenemos un poco"

  17. What are these, chips?

  18. Never underestimate sarcasm

  19. I am as serious as a heart attack!

  20. i think, therefore i am...confused.

  21. @Ella I love your quote

  22. Ce qu'elle a dansé, elle a vécu. It means, "What she danced, she lived." After being forced to retire from ballet due to an injury, this became my mantra to remind myself that I don't have to wear pointe shoes to live out my passion. So now I use the same passion I used to have for dancing in my life.

  23. Wrong in all the right ways.

  24. dit-sy [dit-see] - adjective -si·er, -si·est. Slang. mildly or harmlessly eccentric; silly and scatterbrained.

  25. Indecision may or may not be my problem.

  26. I have a deep fondness for people who are not afraid to be themselves – I am always afraid.

  27. Doodle artists really amazes me and I'd loved to be one!.. Your site is really a cool way of artist's expression!

  28. Language is the source of all misunderstandings... (that's why I rather draw!)

  29. i wear rose coloured glasses! cause everything is all good!

  30. my boss says I'm permanently indignant -- wtf?

  31. Make love not sense.

  32. breath in humor and delight/breath out fear and anger

  33. whoops can't spell..........breathe in humor & delight/breathe out fear & anger.........

  34. Love spilled like vomit from her lips.

  35. "I'm gonna have a nervy breaky."

  36. Art Circus.

  37. I drank gasoline when I was a child

  38. How do you spell AC DC ? (LOL, true story....)

  39. I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left...

  40. Peace, Love, Chocolate. Words to live by.

  41. I have this great imaginary world but sometimes I want things to happen for real.

  42. "This is ghostrider, requesting permission to buzz the tower."

  43. " an octopus on roller skates..." @Shay Gamiere...Love! @Erica Williams...I would so pick yours!!!

  44. Sometimes it's easier to be an animal when I want a break from being me.

  45. it always starts with a face, I can't help it

  46. sometimes, I go apeshit and attack.

  47. i eat,sleep,breathe,live doodling!

  48. You have got to find what u love !!!

  49. If you're reading this make me a sandwich.

  50. Zero to panic in 0.0025 seconds

  51. Wrinkles, crinkles, lines etch my face from too much sun in a sunny place etch my face if you will but you will need lots of ink for your quill colour me pink or colour me blue it is up to you what you do bear in mind you will be challenged some as you doodle my one and one half eyes take this as a gentle warning so my photo does not surprise

  52. It's never too late.

  53. I'm just a girl in the world....thats all that you'll let me be

  54. I'm eclectic but never normal. Normal sucks. Thank you for the chance :)

  55. I Dream alot, but i'm not a very good sleeper.

  56. I'd be Kurt Russell, with flame thrower in hand.

  57. I'm not anti-social..... I'm just not user friendly

  58. save the goldfish.

  59. Getting lost is NOT a waste of time

  60. Life is like photography, you need the negatives to develope.

  61. I have got my act together at last and added a link to my doodling...a right royal mess my imperfect queens have to endure

  62. I got birds in my ears... And a devil on my shoulder...

  63. I've forgotten what I wanted to say... but I swear it was interesting

  64. Boo.

  65. a poem describing me: I move as a crowd mapper of shadows betwixt and between space theory rich-data poor circle livers a phrase describing me: lao te se it means sad wise one

  66. Life never gets any better,only my perception of it does.

  67. I just realized I can only be me

  68. Do I really look like a people person?

  69. Crap,I am anti-social.

  70. I wanna live my life Like it’s a little league game I don’t care if I win Just wanna watch some little girl Get her very first hit Watch her father cheer so hard He spills his beer And decides to quit

  71. I don't eat the blue or green freeze pops.

  72. Luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.

  73. I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that don't work.

  74. Pissing my life away in the form of a song.

  75. i shower naked

  76. My nickname is LoKoVo based on as radiant as a Lotus flower, very defensive about her sleep as a Koala bear and as prone to passionate eruptions as a volcano. Pretty much sums up the main traits...

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