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What a Beast

by Jamie Tao 11

What a Beast | Doodlers Anonymous

So while I was going through our DA archives, a very important question popped into my head. Why, oh why, have we not showed off the work of Sandra Dieckmann before? I have no friggin' idea.

To say that I love Sandra's work is an understatement. The colors, the UH-mazing detail in her pencil marks, it's pure greatness.

Sandra, let's be friends.


  1. Wolves, bears, elk, etc...anytime these animals are drafted this well, it excites me. Great work Sandra!

  2. This grabs your attention and takes you through a new way of experiencing an idea. I just found this, and I saw a few I will never forget. Well done on keeping it interesting.

  3. Yay! Her shop is one of my new favs on etsy :) Love the patterns!

  4. i Like

  5. i Like

  6. so much more than doodling

  7. hey bob, couldn't agree more. it is indeed more than doodling,its almost like mix media.

  8. hey,sarah ; thank you for the inspiration!

  9. Delightful, especially like the tree and the wolf's eye glass.

  10. You say members can showcase art but how exactly? Other than the link on the profile, it seems impossible. I can't post blogs or art in a gallery. :P I can understand not wanting people to flood the blog area but why not have a separate section for member's blogs? Oh, here are my other concerns: can't hide history, can't comment on profiles, no faq, and no reply button.

  11. Superv!! Specially first one is so much delightful.

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