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Member Spotlight: Wilmer Murillo

by OKAT 7

Member Spotlight: Wilmer Murillo | Doodlers Anonymous

Wilmer lives a doodled life, one filled with fun characters, bright colors, scribbled lines and rough textures. He makes a living with strong graphic design and illustration work, but it's his spontaneously drawn stuff I love most, especially when the art lands on shoes, t-shirts, laundry detergent caps, hats and concrete walls.

Wilmer has been a member of DA since February 2010. He's also just done a collaboration with DA favorite Muxxi, check it out here »


  1. I love his work, is fantastic!

  2. i love the work

  3. Yay Wilmer! Wilmer and I have been Flickr friends for some time. I love his stuff.

  4. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! And of course, thanks to OKAT for the kind words in the article :)

  5. love your work!

  6. ahh they´re really sweet.

  7. Wilmer, yeah!!

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