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The Structure of the Universe

by OKAT 6

The Structure of the Universe | Doodlers Anonymous

This has got to be one of the coolest projects ever commissioned. Cristina Guitian was asked to draw a 38-metre long mural for the AMC Hospital in Amsterdam.

In her own words: "The result is a representation of the human body where the limbs extend the whole length of the corridors.The artwork was hand-drawn in my studio in London, digitally coloured, printed on transparent sticker and then pasted on the glass offices of the hospital. Different textures, such as semitransparent frost and opaque white, are used throughout resulting in changes of appearance in the daylight and with the opening and closing of doors."

I love it when I get a peek into the process of things going from an idea to its realization. And to prove that good things often start with sketchbook scribbles, Cristina was kind enough to share with me her initial doodles for this project, some final photos and even a video example of the overlapping drawings.

Cristina's work is very impressive. Visit her site and you'll find an awesome collection of sculptures, editorial illustrations, drawn type and even more murals to fall in love with.


  1. Lovely drawings!

  2. Wow!!! O_o Amazing!

  3. indeed, I want it at my local hospital.

  4. awesome !

  5. well done. I love it !

  6. Woah 😳

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