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Feeding the Forest Ghost

by Sretan Bor 6

Feeding the Forest Ghost | Doodlers Anonymous

I love doing walls and especially if they are in some old, deserted ambient. So I was amazed the other day when I found this beautiful collaboration between Otecki and Szum.

For me this is a perfect example of making something that can at the same time live a life of its own and be in complete harmony with its surroundings. Jump to their flickr pages and find more amazing works from these two guys!


  1. I'd love to have them do a mural at our studio. Beautiful.

  2. this is ridiculously cool ...

  3. Ahh Love this!

  4. under natural lighting,in abandoning space?feeding the ghosts..almost like a tale.

  5. cool beans

  6. it\'s like looking at a fringe portal into another world

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