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The Chest of Fun

by Sretan Bor 4

The Chest of Fun | Doodlers Anonymous

In Paul Loubert's chest you will find all of your childhood stories and much more. All of your old video games could be there too.

It's a crazy world of palms and funny creatures and it could be really fun to see Paul's creatures animated. I already see them moving all over my walls in some funny pixel animations.


  1. Sretan! Thanks for highlighting Paul's work. I am in love. There is so much to discover on his website. Tons of color, layers, and characters. Great find!

  2. I was glad to find him too =)

  3. @SRETAN Wow. I fell in love with this entry from the chest pic alone. Such a cool concept and not to mention some really fun stuff at his site.

  4. cool again! :D

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