Inspiration: Art

Lovely Lines

by Sretan Bor 6

Lovely Lines | Doodlers Anonymous

Clean and nice lines from Gwendoline Desnoyers take me back to simplicity of Giotto and Brueghel. She has manage to express so much with so little and her use of empty space is such a lovely thing to see. Using the same simple lines, Gwendoline also makes beautiful collages with a gentle use of colors – just enough to make you feel the elusive space around her characters and shapes. Now, take a look at this wonderful works and try not to like it.

She also has a nice blog where you can find even more amazing works from this young artist.


  1. Excellent stuff, but the links don't seem to work.

  2. Love the simplicity and innocence.

  3. Links works fine here... but just to be sure: Gwendoline flickr - Gwendoline blog -

  4. i love that textured drawing, something about it, makes me wanna covers my walls with it....

  5. hehe yes that could look pretty cool :)

  6. love it

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