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June's Guest Contributor: Sretan Bor

by OKAT 8

June's Guest Contributor: Sretan Bor | Doodlers Anonymous

One of my favorite things on DA is when we open the doors of our blog to a guest contributor. After a long break from featuring any outside writers, we finally get to welcome one for the month of June.

Many of you might remember him from an entry we posted back in February, titled Heavy Color, where we showed off his colorful ink strokes and credited him by the name of Mario Kolaric. Well, it turns out on the street he's known as Sretan Bor. He's from Zagreb, Croatia and promises to bring some fresh and exclusive content to the pages of Doodlers Anonymous this month.

You can get reacquainted with some of his work below and follow him on flickr, but most importantly welcome him to the site, as his first post will go up this week. Yay for June!


  1. I look forward to your posts, Mario! DA is a happy, cozy place. Welcome!

  2. Love the wall drawings! And love the name Sretan Bor. :D Big up from Slovenia!

  3. Thank you Jamie on this warm welcome :) And thank you Anja :) I hope to draw some walls in Slovenia again soon... in fact, the last one in this post is from Slovenia. I think the name of the place is Kramberg... some abandoned outdoor swimingpool

  4. good

  5. sretni bore, željno iščekujem tvoje postove. pozz

  6. hvala zelig :)

  7. when we get the chance we're definitely going to check it out. haha maybe in the summer also go and draw on some of the croatian walls in return :D

  8. hehe you do that =)

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