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8 Days in Paris

by Jamie Tao 12

8 Days in Paris | Doodlers Anonymous

Some people take a camera to document their travels. My backpack, however, is filled with everything else but that - a sketchbook, a large pouch filled with micron pens, markers, glue sticks, white out, found pieces of paper, etc. I just came back from a week in Paris, a fantastic week of scootering around, (barely) speaking French, enjoying daily "café crèmes" and "pains au chocolat." Eight days in Paris and this is what I have to show for it.

There's something wonderful about being in a new environment and seeing things with fresh eyes. Want to share some of your travel doodles with us? Send your favorite spread to editor{at}doodlersanonymous{dot}com and we'll make an entry out of them!


  1. Wow Jamie. Thanks for taking us on this journey with you. I wanted the doodles to keep going. FUN!

  2. Thanks, Hugo! If only I had more time. :)

  3. im going on a 3 month holiday think ill try and do some thing similar. Thanks for the idea.:-)

  4. Nice! I mean, Paris!...not Nice Côte d' know what I mean... : )

  5. These are great, thank you for sharing them!

  6. feels like i was there :P

  7. amazing! this is really excellent, dig it

  8. this is lovely! i also almost never carry a camera with me it's so much more fun and people come and try to speak with you!

  9. I love this! it makes me so nostalgic of my trip to France several years ago

  10. I wish I had the time to do this while I was in Paris. I was only there 2 days. Love your doodles and your rooftop view!

  11. what a great travel journal!

  12. oh paris! so nice to have you trip documented like that.

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