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Building Blocks

by OKAT 10

Building Blocks | Doodlers Anonymous

Pencil, watercolors and ink. That's about all I know of Mathias Sielfeld. I got tipped on his work from Camila León and was happy to uncover a small collection of drawn buildings, people and alphabet letters.

There was something about the color and lines in his work that really caught my attention and I wanted to see more. With some help from Camila, I was lucky enough to get an email full of photos of his sketchbooks and some other never before seen goodies that I get to share with all of you. Take a look, it's love at first sight.


  1. love it

  2. I like his sketchbook. The girl with the tattoo, the bird who are tree loggers, people with trees and corals on their head and the guy with a dog as his toupe are my favourites :) I would love to see more :)

  3. The tatoo girl is cool. The bear made of people is slightly disturbing! :-S But still good!

  4. Love the comb over haha.

  5. love the tattoo girl!!

  6. I really like the drawing style of the buildings and cars. The comb over is hilarious!

  7. beatiful!!!! the gir is my fav

  8. Sensacional!

  9. Really great! But I'm fairly new to the world of art, and love your watercolors, what brand do you use?

  10. Love this artist!

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