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Showcase #9: June Calendar Draw

by Jamie Tao 3

Showcase #9: June Calendar Draw | Doodlers Anonymous

It's almost June and that means we're that much closer to summer - the blistering heat, the humid beach breeze, the happy energy that the season brings... It's definitely something to draw about. Many of you have participated in the previous Calendar Draw Challenges. Here's another chance!

Submit a drawing for your chance to be our featured artist for the month of June. Make it good. Most of all, make it hot! (Oh, we love a good pun.)

Submissions are now open. Good luck!


  1. I just joined the site so that I can submit an entry, is there any size requirements (in inches or centimeters) other than the 2mb mentioned. Thanks. and what is the final deadline time to submit my enty. Thanks again, wiseye.

  2. @wiseye, there are tons of information about this at the comments section back in Showcase#6 which is the February Calendar draw :) Deadline of Submissions: MONDAY, MAY 23rd (5PM EST)

  3. It's now up for voting. Good luck all.

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