Inspiration: Art


by OKAT 8

Accomplished | Doodlers Anonymous

He's in his early twenties and has already amassed an endless amount of drawings, sketches, paintings and comics. I'm not even sure what to post from his flickr archive because I love it all, from the colors in his paintings to his pupil-less people and panel-heavy drawn pages. That was a mouthful, but his work truly is overwhelming. Meet Saman Bemel Benrud.


  1. Forgot to mention, I also love seeing the pencil marks behind the paint color.

  2. great! I love that it's in a sketchbook on the yellow/green piece!

  3. rad work!

  4. This is really good stuff. Thanks for showing it.

  5. These are awesome. Really ridiculous, and really awesome. What a weird style/personality you have.

  6. ah to be so young and so talented!

  7. i like seeing the pencil marks back there too.. it's different. very fun :)

  8. Lovely, I really admire his technique for the second image!

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