Inspiration: Art


by OKAT 8

He's in his early twenties and has already amassed an endless amount of drawings, sketches, paintings and comics. I'm not even sure what to post from his flickr archive because I love it all, from the colors in his paintings to his pupil-less people and panel-heavy drawn pages. That was a mouthful, but his work truly is overwhelming. Meet Saman Bemel Benrud.


  1. Forgot to mention, I also love seeing the pencil marks behind the paint color.

  2. great! I love that it's in a sketchbook on the yellow/green piece!

  3. rad work!

  4. This is really good stuff. Thanks for showing it.

  5. These are awesome. Really ridiculous, and really awesome. What a weird style/personality you have.

  6. ah to be so young and so talented!

  7. i like seeing the pencil marks back there too.. it's different. very fun :)

  8. Lovely, I really admire his technique for the second image!

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