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This is Me

by Jamie Tao 9

This is Me | Doodlers Anonymous

I love .Bipolar's line portraits. As rough and crude as these drawings are, there's still something tender and poetic about each one of them. I know I've seen these people, somewhere, walking about, trying to get noticed while being a wallflower at the same time.


  1. Lovely drawings, true about the roughness, but it has a great effect!

  2. The sketchs are epic love them

  3. they are just... amaaazzzing

  4. This is so beautiful. I love it way too much.You could make a million different shirts out of these and sell them and people would totally buy them.

  5. awesomeness!

  6. The tattoos on the first drawing reminds me of a Spanish artist. They are lovely.

  7. I love the simplicity & colour of the 1st 2. But the 1 with the woman with braces on my teeth is my favourite - it´s so real!

  8. Nice, love the texture change using the two papers for the same doodle

  9. Adore this type of work - messy, rough, beautiful. You can really see the efffort gone into the work and I love that it isnt polished or pristine. x

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