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Oh Em Gee

by OKAT 7

Oh Em Gee | Doodlers Anonymous

Frida Stenmark draws lots of different things, but it's when you see her drawn collection of personal things that you'll say, "oh mon dieu!" You'll find ink flasks, keys, her favorite books, a sewing kit and even some of her frilly panties. It prompts the voyeur in me to want to peek through her window and see all these tangible things strewn about her room. Take a look, you'll want to join me too.

You can find more of her work on flickr and her blog.


  1. aw, thank you darling!

  2. These are lovely. I love doodles of inanimate objects.

  3. I'm obviously quite new to this so i would need a bit of assistance navigating this site. I NEED HELP! btw, I'm in absolute awe of the work i see here,.... and a bit overwhelmed.

  4. love all of these doodles.. good taste in lipstick brand and jazzy panties!

  5. Love it! It's so interesting what people view as their things.

  6. Doodle! I love to play doodle! but I can't make as beautiful as this . . This is interesting . . wanted to learn more about doodling and can have the chance to share my work too.. Soo lovely! I love it!

  7. hahahaah the undies are so good! and the sewing kit, I love it :)

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