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Some Video Game Humor

by Hugo Seijas 4

Some Video Game Humor | Doodlers Anonymous

If you are into video games you'll appreciate Bryan Ochalla's small, but fun collection of quirky video game doodles.

Passing the Torch Doodle Gameboy Doodle

Squares Stick Together GameCube Doodle

Always Here For You Nintendo DS Doodle

Catch them all at his Flickr feed.


  1. You should look into David & Goliath t-shirts, your doodles would be perfect for them! You should definitely approach them with some, just be sure to watermark your images / send a very low resolution image so they don't steal it :S

  2. This totally satisfies the dork in me! It's cute and hilarious. Great job. Actually I even referenced it in an article on my blog about this site! If you want, I'll post the link so you can check it out!

  3. Awwwwwwww :) my heart is smiling

  4. Wow! Thanks for blogging about my doodles. I'm glad all of you seem to like them :)

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