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Member Spotlight: Laura Lea

by OKAT 6

Member Spotlight: Laura Lea | Doodlers Anonymous

Looking through Laura's flickr pages, I get the feeling that she's having tons of fun just doodling away. Her drawings seem genuine and impromptu, and that's such a relief, in contrast to the hesitation and contrived efforts so many of us face when staring at a blank sketchbook page.


  1. you have no idea how much I squealed with delight when I saw I was spotlighted. Thank you so much! :D

  2. That bike drawing is hilarious, i love it.

  3. hahaha silly silly stuff. love it. for some reason your style reminds me of beevis and butthead (not in a bad way, just a funny way)

  4. love the last sketch

  5. Your doodles are so refreshing and honest. I love the cold hand one. I don't know why. It's just cute and simple. Uber good job! I actually referenced your stuff in an article on my blog about this site! I'll post the link if you wanna read!

  6. Your bikie chick is gorgeous!

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