Inspiration: Art

A Case for Snail Mail

by OKAT 6

A Case for Snail Mail | Doodlers Anonymous

Take a look at these hand-drawn postcards by Carolyn Sewell. Colors, letters, lines and curls, I might just beg to be her peep.

Found via swissmiss.

Discover more of Carolyn's work, and see how she turned her love of drawing in the 8th grade into an incredible career of illustration and graphic design at


  1. Woohooo, thanks for posting my cards! *hiiiiiiii fiiiiive*

  2. hahahaha the calling in fat one is awesome. I think I'll do that tomorrow...also the lightbulb is beautiful. Great ideas and perfectly done.

  3. im wearing my listening face should be a t-shirt

  4. I love Carolyn's work. I've been following her stuff for a while now and I love her type work, and the coloured sugar paper contrasting with bold black lines always has such a personal feel to it. Inspirational stuff!

  5. I love your stuffff!!!! Especially the unhealthy laser obsession one, ha ha ha, and the listening face one- yes, I would buy that shirt!

  6. it´s full of imagination, and the handwriting totally matches the messages!

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