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We have a winner.Actually, we have three.

by OKAT 8

We have a winner.Actually, we have three. | Doodlers Anonymous

With so much deliciousness, 99 to be exact, how could we crown just one winner? The comments reflect how difficult it was for our community to select one artwork from a sea of talent. Well, thank goodness for Blik who worked with us to up the ante. There will be three winners-- the submission with the most votes, as well as two Editor's picks. Besides having their designs produced in limited-edition runs, all three winners will receive their own decal as well as a $75 Blik gift certificate and a Blik tee. I just love a happy ending!

Congrats to Harikrishnan Panicker (aka thumbdemon), Michelle Lasalvia (aka Pirichi), and Camila León (aka camiki) whose wall decals will be sold on Blik and DA in Mid-April.

And to the rest of you, there are no words to describe how happy we are with the creativity that was brought to this challenge. We thank you for every effort and submission on this showcase, and hope you continue to join us in many more fun and amazing drawing exercises this year.

Winners at full size: Uploaded by Harikrishnan Panicker Uploaded by Michelle Lasalvia Uploaded by Camila León


  1. To better explain: "All three will have their drawings turned into wall decals. Harikrishnan, our winner with the most votes, will have his decal printed as a limited 100-piece run. As the Editor’s Picks, Michelle and Camila’s designs will be printed as a limited 50-piece run." Read more:

  2. nice one- a fair result i think (though disappointed not to be there of course.) thanks for listening and responding to all our comments and ideas too, it's rare to get genuine feedback. keep it up DA!

  3. cheers to the winners! I'm a bit disappointed that the most voted design is not a doodle but a vectoriel stuff :s good job anyway.

  4. editors choices are awesome, congrats to the overall winner... i think it will be an awesome decal, cant wait for the new showcase... the winners should show their decals once they are stuck up on the wall... should maybe include that in the DA blog, or on the flckr page...

  5. okay let's move on.. another showcase please :D yeahhh this is fun

  6. I hope the next showcases have stricter rules 'cause from the previous ones, Showcase #7 has a vector winner. Hope everybody would keep in mind this is "Doodlers Anomymous" not "Vectors Anonymous" Ok. Right on Arya! Next showcase please :)

  7. well done to winners, it was fun to be a part of it, next one please!

  8. I`m glad that Camila`s work is one of the winners if i remember it right, that was the only abstract one in the whole competition

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