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Owl is Love

by Daphne 10

Owl is Love | Doodlers Anonymous

Maybe it's sheer nostalgia for Tootsie Pop's wise Mr. Owl, but there's something so endearing and friendly about an illustrated owl. The real bird of prey, with its exorcist-head-swivel action, is admittedly kind of creepy; but for some reason, its drawn incarnations seem utterly playful and downright cordial. The above is courtesy of Kendra K.

Scroll though the extras for some more fun images, including my mom's vintage owl oven mitt, which I've lovingly confiscated.

by Alissa

by Matt Cipov

by ILoveDoodle / Heng Swee Lim

by foxdottir

by Claire Bushby

by Megan

by Jewelzy Bug

My mom's vintage owl oven mitt


  1. LOL!!! I love the owl with the bicycle eyes. Too funny. @daphne And that oven mitt is scary as all hell.

  2. these are a HOOT...ahem...sorry.

  3. I do luv me sum owls boy I tell ya what. Hoot hoot!

  4. I love owls too! What do you think of mine? :) A link to my owl

  5. Oops didnt realize links didnt work. Well, still love these owls!

  6. I likez Owlz

  7. i really like owl...!

  8. I HAVE SUCH AN UNHEALTHY OBSESSION WITH OWLS!!! Ill post the doodles from my owl sketchbook on the flickr :)

  9. love owls so this post was a joy to find!

  10. Hoot! I love your owl art! :D

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