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Showcase #7: Doodle Our Wall

by OKAT 5

Showcase #7: Doodle Our Wall | Doodlers Anonymous

There's probably nothing I love more than making art large enough for a wall, and so I can't help but be extremely enthusiastic about this showcase.

We've teamed up with the awesome folks at Blik (the world's first removable wall graphic company), to present this challenge to you. But this isn’t just another blik on the wall and this isn't just any wall. We want you to draw up something fantastic with our studio wall as your canvas.

And the best part? The submission with the most love will be turned into a self-adhesive vinyl decal to be sold as a 100-piece limited edition run.

I am not kidding either. This showcase is for everyone, whether new to drawing, or a long-time artist, it's time to get your hands full of markers and pens. Get the full details here »

And if you want to see what Blik is capable of… by all means, scroll down.


  1. hiya, do you know if the decals are removable as in one can rremove them and re apply repeatedly? thanks.

  2. @Caroline: All Blik products are designed to be removable so you can change your mind anytime and it won’t leave any goo on your wall when removed. But once removed, they cannot be re-used.

  3. Can we change the color of the wall??

  4. I might be not so into web stuff but how do I place the doodle on your wall picture I have no idea PLS HELP

  5. @mikan, use any kind of graphic software like adobe photoshop

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