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Pristine and Magical

by Jamie Tao 8

Pristine and Magical | Doodlers Anonymous

Sean Alexander's drawings are a breath of fresh air. I'm not kidding. I literally just took a deep breath while looking at his flickr page. They remind me of the very primitive, very simplistic, very beautiful art you see inside art history books. So much detail and craft is put into each drawing. His tools of the trade? Micron pens, stonehedge paper, prismacolor pencils and number 2 pencils.


  1. Sean's work is amazing. The detail! The fineline pen work! The obsessions with the lines themselves. It's really terrific stuff. When I saw it first in person it just knocked me out. Great to see him featured here.

  2. wonderfull work

  3. Amazing! I'm loving the armadillo.

  4. When I got to the third picture I actually said, "That is rad" out loud. Love his stuff.

  5. I like the "dunce" hat on the rat. The baby rats on its back aren't bad either. Makes me smile.

  6. Very beautiful. I love the use of color and pattern.

  7. details!

  8. Inspirational!

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