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Magna Doodle, I Love You

by OKAT 4

Magna Doodle, I Love You | Doodlers Anonymous

No joke, I enjoy my kids magna doodle toy more than they do. If it's anywhere near me, there's no doubt it will quickly end up in my hands for hours. It's the perfect doodle toy. You can't save, you can't undo and you can't even partly erase. There's no room for accuracy or moments of hesitation. In fact half the time the tied-up stylus hardly reaches all corners of the board.

And that's exactly what makes it so great. I scribbled the above a few days ago and then I found some other great examples on Flickr. Enjoy, and make sure to go buy yourself one (even if the pitter-patter of little feet don't fill your home).

by lostgorilla

by Tim King

by Jenny Ingram

by Tamelyn Feinstein

by Compound Eye / Paul


  1. Super impressive

  2. Loved my magna doodle as a kid!

  3. I want one!

  4. (heart aches) I miss my Magna Doodle. It truly is the ultimate drawing apparatus.

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