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Yay! The Doodlers Anonymous2012 Hand-Drawn/Illustrated Calendar!

by OKAT 9

Yay! The Doodlers Anonymous2012 Hand-Drawn/Illustrated Calendar! | Doodlers Anonymous

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall…. all you have to do is draw!

Oh Father Time, how you toy with us. And while we usually mark the passage of time with X’s on little numbered squares below stock images of kittens or mechanic-shop ads… next year will be different.

Next year we refuse to allow precious time to be recorded on kitch glossy images—we’re taking matters into our own hands and we’re recruiting you!

Finally, after much anticipation, we’re releasing another home-grown Doodlers Anonymous product. And it’s a good one. DA is creating its own 2012 Calendar and giving our members a chance to contribute!

Calendar artwork will be split between invited artists and showcase winners. The call for submissions is now open for the month of October, check out the guidelines for the fine print.

Happy drawing and good luck!


  1. ok... new to the site... what's a showcase winner? Please say it's me.... and what about the other months... help....

  2. a showcase winner is a person who wins a doodle contest on the site. there is always a different showcase (different prompts)

  3. I wish November was a showcase month, I had a good idea for it.

  4. whats the june challenge..i need to know so i can start doodling!!!! well more than usual :)

  5. When does the calendar go up for sale?

  6. When does the calendar go up for sale?

  7. @Erica / @Hannah: Thanks for asking! We plan to have the 2012 calendar up for pre-order by mid-October. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more detailed updates over the coming weeks.

  8. are you still doing a showcase for december????

  9. @Stephanie: Guess what? The December showcase just went live ;)

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