Inspiration: Art

No Need for a Clean-Up

by Jamie Tao 12

No Need for a Clean-Up | Doodlers Anonymous

One can tell that when Zé Otavio opens up his sketchbook, he holds nothing back. And that is exactly how a sketchbook should be used. His pages are layer upon layer of dirty, rough scratches, scribbles, tearings - you name it. I say we all open up our sketchbooks today and let ourselves go.


  1. this is great! I love the textures and raw feel

  2. cool !l! The small stickers are great ^^

  3. Humble and honest.

  4. Ace!!

  5. What a great sketchbook! I agree Jamie. Let's do it!!!

  6. dirty and impressive!


  8. really cool love the visa one

  9. Gorgeous!!

  10. awsome art, love the way you mix textures

  11. great!!

  12. That´s amazing! love the use of stickers

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