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Boxed In

by OKAT 4

Boxed In | Doodlers Anonymous

Framed doodles make for amazing art on walls and I dare you to prove me wrong. I fucking double dare you.

The above "crappie table" is done by Barrie J. Davies.

by Pink Cloud1 / Abel

by Bob London


by Lisa Congdon

by Carol Roque

by Oliver Binnian

by Andrew Groves



by Jacque Davis

by Felix Bauer


  1. I really like the 2 faces by Pink Cloud and the Red Bird by Stuawesome. Very nice.

  2. the bird by Stuawesome is....awesome!!!!

  3. very nice artworks.

  4. I agree with your comment about "framing" your artwork. Sometimes its the frame itself that helps make the image really come alive or give it its own personality.

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