Inspiration: Art

Great Heights

by OKAT 8

Great Heights | Doodlers Anonymous

Comic-style storylines, fine architectural detail, and precise drafting. I could get lost in the graphic and textual layers. I'm enamoured. Take a gander at Timothy J. Reynolds's Moleskins and you will be too.


  1. thanks for the feature!

  2. These are so beautiful... I love art that is so involved and requires the viewer to really concentrate on what's going on.

  3. Such great work, love the colours!

  4. He is a "Chip Off The Ole Block!" Luv ya, Pop

  5. hey, found Tim on flickr. Great stuff Mr. Reynolds.

  6. awesome man, really!!

  7. Turns out I can't vote for your stuff if I'm not a member, so here I am! I have to figure out how to navigate in this place, now.

  8. Cool Timmy

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