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Member Spotlight: Benjamin Murphy

by OKAT 8

Member Spotlight: Benjamin Murphy | Doodlers Anonymous

The talent in our community never ceases to impress me, and as the pool of members grow, so do their variety of medium.

That leads me to the discovery of Benjamin Murphy, who likes to draw directly onto walls with electrical tape as his ink. Yes, that's right, sticky, sticky, black tape and he's pretty damn good at it too. You can find Benjamin in the U.K. or at his blog, ALL DESTRUCTO.


  1. These are excellent. Electrical tape! Who'd have thought. I esp. like the door-sized image that has a red chair beside it. I'd be afraid to sleep in a room that had that in it.

  2. I am blown the hell away with this.

  3. amazing! highly creative.

  4. His blog is great too!

  5. thanks a lot guys!

  6. if you would like to chat/ collaborate/ art swap/ shout at me, send an email to here: [email protected]

  7. I'm an instant fan!

  8. I can't believe it. I've been for a meal yesterday at the Font bar in Manchester, and i saw this drawings on the wall. I thought instantly about doodlers anonymous. It's been quite a long time that i didn't check this website. So because of it, im checking what's going on today and there you go. Anyway, i love it. I'll definitely check the blog! Bravo

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