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Next Time No Junk

by Jamie Tao 14

Next Time No Junk | Doodlers Anonymous

Last week, Okat and I met to catch up and discuss our plans for DA. And in true DA form, we drew together inside one of his sketchbooks. I know, how appropriate. Our meet-up consisted of a couple of micron pens, some ridiculously cheap markers and to top it all off, cold beer and laughter. It was a good day, and what do we have to show for it? This all over the place, colorful, I-Don't-Get-It collaborative doodle.


  1. I wish we had the endurance (and were sober enough) that day to have doodled ten more nonsensical spreads like that one. Cheers.

  2. should host DA get-togethers, kind of like drink and draws! would be super fun.

  3. That's the plan, Ellie. We just have to pick one city that we can all be in.

  4. It looks like your style work together seamlessly. I never would've guessed it was a collaboration if you hadn't mentioned it.

  5. Pardon typo, "styles."

  6. is there a chance of maybe making a forum for people to visit and talk about where they're at? would be nice to get a ton of people together but we're all spread out.. we could set stuff up in mini-groups and take over the world, one doodle at a time!

  7. @Ellie: It sounds to me like we should make you our global coordinator! In all seriousness though, it's a great idea for us to setup something to discover the best cities for a doodle gathering. Anyone know of a good site online to help coordinate meetups?

  8. is there a way to incorporate the facebook page? it already has people signed up to it, in a way, and shows where everyone is from. or there are some free forum sites.. hmm. is a little tough, would definitely need some moderating for safety purposes (can never be too safe!)

  9. cool !

  10. This is a really cool thing you guys have going. I found you by googling art blogs, and you ranked 7th on this one site. I was immediatly drawn to your site because of the name. Seems as though the two of you work together really well, I wish I had more artistic friends to doodle collaboratively with.

  11. immediately* gah sorry for the typo.

  12. i thank you guys for the was like finding the secret garden on the internet, :P so much inspiration

  13. good!

  14. nice!you use the colors too..

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